What is White Noise and Why Should You Check it Out?

Written by: Lull Team



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We’ve talked plenty of times here about the benefits of eating the right food and doing the right activities to help you sleep better, but what about some uh, lower-effort help? Fortunately, there’s a simple trick that requires even less effort than pouring and heating a glass of warm milk: it’s playing some white noise in the background. White noise barely registers as conventional noise to most of us. It sounds more like a tuneless hum than anything else. Think of a blurrier version of the sound of a few cars driving by and nothing else. Or several electric fans whirring at the same time. Or the sound of 10 people indistinctly speaking softly to each other at once. 

This smooth “sound” is technically a mash of various sounds of various frequencies playing simultaneously at random order. Just like the color white is scientifically every wavelength combined together, white noise is just that with frequencies. While there aren’t exactly any relaxing melodies and calming words, white noise can be soothing to many of us. Studies have actually shown that a white noise machine has actually helped people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Here’s a breakdown how white noise can help you fall asleep on time:  White noise can have an emotional and mental blanket effect on our thoughts, helping to calm us down. You could also consider it a sound cocoon shielding our bodies from our active, frantic minds.

Unlike most music, the pitch and consistency of white noise doesn’t change, leaving no risk for any startling and waking.

Do you live in a noisy neighborhood where someone’s always partying or honking? Or live with other people who tend to be awake when you’re going to sleep? White noise can help give the illusion of masking those sounds out! The honking will still be audible, but it’ll be diffused out over the gentle white noise.

White noise machines exist to help you with the above so you don’t have to depend on your phone’s battery. So check out some white noise machines so you won’t have to leave a fan or three on all night. Pink Noise Before you commit to white noise, explore pink noise. Pink noise is like white noise, but with a lower proportion of higher frequency tones, making its overall frequency lower than white noise. 

Overall, it sounds like TV static or like leaves rustling. The sounds of heartbeats, steady rains, and ocean waves hitting the beach are examples of pink noise in nature. Whether you choose white or pink noise to cocoon yourself in, it’s always a good idea to check out some soft mattresses, blankets, and pillows to construct that soothing, luxurious cocoon. You’re in the right place: Lull’s just come out with a Luxe Hybrid Mattress with springs and memory foam to deliver ultimate comfort and breathability. If you’re not ready for that yet, there’s plenty of hypoallergenic, plush blankets and pillows to shop!