Why Sleep With a Wooden Bed Frame

Why Sleep With a Wooden Bed Frame

No matter how luxurious your bed sheets and pillows are, they’re not complete until they’re supported by a durable bed frame. Bed frames add an aesthetic appeal to your bed, turning your mattress into an oasis of comfort. From race cars to simple squares to luxurious cut-out patterns, bed frames add a theme to your room while keeping your mattress away from the floor. A common look you’ll see in bed frames is wood. Wooden bed frames have been around for ages. You’ve probably seen them in fantasy and historical flicks with their simple, classic looks. Don’t worry, they’re not just ideal for rustic barnyard or medieval themes, they match a modern look too! Here a few reasons why you should consider getting a wooden frame:

1. Unlike metal frames, you won’t have to worry about wooden frames rusting.

Rust can be difficult to take care of and seriously dampen your bed’s aesthetic. Fighting the rust can take up some time and effort that wood won’t ask of you.

2. It’s less squeaky.

If you think you’ll be making a lot of movement and noise on your bed, opt for a wooden frame. If you live with others, they’ll thank you. Over time, metal against metal can grind, producing unpleasant noises no one wants to hear while they’re trying to sleep. This benefit not only helps you, but everyone else that lives with you too -- you won’t be keeping them up as much.

3. It’s durable.

While metal generally evokes a stronger vibe than wood, wood frames are often more sturdy and durable. They’re often thicker, so they might be a good choice if you’re going to be putting a lot of weight on the bed.

4. You can paint it!

Do you want to add a creative touch to your frame? Obviously, a wooden frame will be easier to customize through paint. That’ll give you the opportunity to sleep surrounded by rainbows, your favorite cartoon characters, or patterns from your favorite abstract painting. Another way to aesthetically customize your wooden frame is through the finish of the wood. You can choose between a shiny, matte, stained finish, and more. Wood itself isn’t always uniform either -- there’s a variety of unique patterns created by none other than nature itself. Whatever frame you choose, don’t forget about investing in the quality of your bedding as well. That’s not so hard to do when Lull is having a $250 off sale of any size premium memory foam mattress for 4th of July, so check it out soon! Top it off with a memory foam pillow, lush sheets, a down pillow, and maybe even a duvet. The frame might top off the bed’s looks, but your comfort is paramount.
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