Are Lull Reviews Real?

So you’re searching for a new mattress and somehow along the way you’ve found yourself here. Maybe you were hoping to find the answer to “are Lull reviews real?” Maybe you’re not fully convinced Lull’s mattress reviews are real, or maybe our 31,000+ 5-star reviews just seemed too good to be true.

We know just as much as you, that reviews play a key role in the process of purchasing, especially when it comes to online shopping. For any kind of online purchase, reviews are crucial so you’ll want to have peace of mind that the reviews you read are real and genuine.

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Lucky for you, at Lull we pride ourselves in the authenticity of our reviews. Unlike our competitors, all Lull product reviews are 100% customer-submitted and are never paid for. You’d be surprised to learn how commonplace it is for online retailers to offer commission or payment in exchange for glowing reviews. However, we guarantee that we do not purchase any of our reviews. Buying reviews is expensive, and at Lull we care far more about putting that kind of money into improving our products and our customers’ experiences.

Since we don’t fabricate reviews on the Lull mattresses (or any of our other products), we get opinions of all kinds: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Above all else, at Lull we care about being open and honest with our customers. And for that reason, we’re not afraid to show you all sides of our product reviews. We are just as comfortable showing you our good reviews as we are our bad.

Outstanding experience

I purchased a Lull mattress for my 88 yr old mother as a birthday gift. I live approx 7 hours from my mother. I drove to her home to switch out her old mattress for the new Lull. Unfortunately, the Lull was a bit too firm for her liking so I contacted Lull and asked to return the Lull and for a full refund. The Lull reps worked with me to pick up the mattress from my mother's house and just credited my credit card for the full purchase price amount. I recommend anyone to purchase a Lull mattress as they are an outstanding company in which to do business. I had an outstanding experience with Lull. They are true mattress professionals.
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— Felix M.

No matter how many people are satisfied with our products we understand that some of our customers may feel the need to voice negative opinions and we are totally okay with that. We create a space for our customers to freely speak their minds so that they may help others make a decision as well as help us improve our products.

We care about genuine reviews because we understand not only how important reviews are to our customers, but how important they are to us. Reviews and honest feedback are crucial to our constant improvement and growth as a company. We believe that all feedback helps us grow and ultimately provide better sleep to even more people.

For these reasons, we take our reviews very seriously. We take special care to ensure review legitimacy with our Review Guarantee and we make certain that all reviews posted to our site are written only by verified Lull customers.

With the Lull Review Guarantee, we commit to posting all legitimate mattress reviews or the customer will receive their money back. A review is deemed legitimate as long as it is made by a verified customer, does not include inappropriate language or private information, or promotes a third-party product. We promise no tricks or loopholes: all legitimate reviews we receive are posted to our site.

We are open to sharing all reviews because we know that every customer has their own personal story that can be of value to others. We want every customer to have the opportunity to read and share. Your story could help someone who has similar concerns or desires as you. Each customer’s experience matters to us.

We remain transparent with our customers through every step of the journey with Lull because we want every customer to be confident and comfortable with their purchase. We know that investing in a mattress can be a nerve-wracking experience so we feel it’s our job to ease your mind the best we can by guaranteeing legitimacy in our reviews.

Lull has the highest percentage of 5-star reviews compared to any other company in the mattress industry. We are very proud of the success of our products but we are even more proud of our brand’s authenticity. So whether you’ll be a part of the of our 4-5 star reviews, or the 10% of our 1-3 star reviews, we welcome you to try our products and share your honest thoughts!

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