• We Don't Hide Negative Feedback

    At Lull, we’re proud of our high customer satisfaction rating. 95% of Lull customers have given us a 4 or 5-star rating so far, and we love hearing about how much our mattresses have improved so many people’s health and well-being through a better night’s rest.

    But we realize that you can’t hit a home run every time you step up to the plate. We also believe that the 5% of Lull customers that weren’t satisfied with our mattresses have just as much right to their opinion as those that leave us glowing reviews and sing the praises of their Lull mattress.

    And while nobody likes being told that they aren’t 5-star worthy, we believe in helping our customers to make a savvy mattress shopping choice by sharing all of our reviews – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Crazy as it might seem, some mattress companies go to great lengths to hide their negative feedback from shoppers – they hide or delete unappealing reviews and complaints in an effort to keep them from being seen at all. Not cool, right?

    Lull believes that hiding negative reviews is just plain wrong, and we welcome genuine feedback from our customers, instead of running from it like some of our competitors. We’re convinced that complete transparency is the only way to go when it comes to what the world thinks of our mattresses.

    Does Lull receive reviews that are not published? Yes. We've caught several of our competitors submitting fake negative reviews about Lull. We promise to publish all legitimate and verified reviews, good or bad.

  • Finding Negative Reviews

    In fact, we make it super simple for anyone and everyone to see what our customers have to say about Lull mattresses by sharing all of the reviews we receive on the reviews page of our website. You can even skip directly to the complaints that we’ve had by clicking on “Sort” underneath our feedback overview and choosing “Lowest Rating” from the drop-down menu. Complete transparency, remember?

  • What are Lull Mattress Complaints?

    The most frequent reason behind the 5% unsatisfied rating is that the customer felt their Lull mattress was too firm.

    We believe that a firm mattress plays an important role in overall health and reduction of back pain and stiffness. Third-party mattress review sites have given Lull mattresses a firmness rating of 6.5 to 7.5 on a scale of 1 (soft) to 10 (firm).

    We totally get the need for some extra softness in your life, and that’s why we don’t run from Lull mattress complaints – it’s all about personal preference and what works best for you. And we’re happy to say that even those that don’t find our mattresses to be right for them still give us props for our simple and straight-forward return process, as well as our top-notch customer service.

  • The Mattress Clarity logo.

    "The Lull mattress is one of my preferred bed-in-a-box models, especially at this price range. It offers great support, and is one of the few mattresses I recommend for people that sleep in multiple positions throughout the night. Overall a good option."

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    "The Lull mattress is one of my favorite mattresses so far. Lull created the right combination of densities, layering and cooling materials that makes for an awesome mattress."

  • The Sleepopolis logo.

    "The Lull is a great mattress choice for sleepers looking for a medium to slightly firm feel, but especially for couples who are on opposite ends of the firmness spectrum and are looking for a balanced compromise in the middle."

Want Even More Insight into How We Operate?

Check out our Better Business Bureau listing and take a gander at our A+ Rating. We’re proud to be able to say that Lull has never had even a single complaint lodged with the BBB – not just that we’ve resolved complaints that have been issued, like some of the other companies out there.

The bottom line here is that you won’t ever find Lull running and hiding from honest feedback, even when it’s less than stellar. We believe in hearing what our customers have to say, and addressing any and all Lull Mattress complaints that might come around, instead of trying to prevent them from ever seeing the light of day.

And we think that’s a big part of what makes up the Lull difference. How about you?

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