13 Quick Tips for Creating a Clean and Cozy Bedroom Oasis

13 Quick Tips for Creating a Clean and Cozy Bedroom Oasis

Is there any better feeling than falling into your comfy bed at the end of a long, hard day? Just knowing that you’re going to be able to crawl under the covers and enjoy some peace and quiet after working hard can be enough to get you through the toughest of days. There’s no denying that having a tranquil sleep sanctuary to enjoy each night scores much higher on the happiness scale than having to deal with piles of dirty clothes or stacks of paperwork strewn about. But did you know that a calm and clean bedroom can actually translate to having a happier and healthier life? It’s true! Your bedroom is where you start and end each day of your life, making it a crucial place to keep tidy. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to make sure your bedroom is an organized oasis.

5 Reasons You Need an Orderly Bedroom

If you find yourself regularly stumbling over clutter, discovering crumbs in your sheets, or spending an hour looking for something in your closet, it might be time to take control of your bedroom (and your life) once more. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome ways a clean and tidy bedroom improves your life...

1. Better Sleep and Overall Health

In order to repair itself, the human body needs a minimum of 7 hours of high-quality sleep each night. And in order to get it, you need to have a bedroom that’s a peaceful sleep retreat, so you can fall asleep fast and stay that way. With a room that’s free from clutter, dust, and germs, you’ll find yourself cashing in on all of the benefits of amazing sleep, such as an increased immunity against illnesses, boosted creativity and mental focus, and lower levels of anxiety and depression.

2. Keep Better Track of Your Belongings

If you’ve ever lost something and had to buy a replacement, you know how frustrating it can be to spend money for no darn good reason. Especially when you end up finding the item you lost after you get a new one! One of the biggest benefits of turning your bedroom into an organized oasis is knowing exactly what you have, where it is at all times, and how to find something quickly when you need it. All of this means you can get up and out faster than ever, which is always a good thing, right?

3. Your Relationship Can Get Better

If you’re in a relationship with a “neat freak,” you know how quickly disagreements about keeping the house clean can go downhill. And nobody likes to argue with their partner! Being able to spend quality time in bed with your partner in a calm, clean room can do wonders for bringing the two of you closer than ever. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

4. Make Better Use of Your Time

If you’ve ever spent your morning frantically searching for the right pair of shoes or some other essential item, you know how frustrating it can be to waste your time and end up being late to work or for an appointment. Keeping your space tidy and organized will help you to eliminate feeling stressed out at the start of your day, and give you more time in the morning than you ever thought was possible. Say hello to a much-needed Starbucks run!

5. Better Habits and Productivity Levels

Believe it or not, keeping your bedroom orderly can not only help you as you’re getting ready to leave the house, but it can also boost your productivity levels at work, making it a seriously awesome win-win scenario. How’s that possible? Well, when your mornings aren’t chock full of chaos from desperately searching your messy bedroom for something that you need to leave the house, your mind is free to focus on more important things, like that project that’s waiting for you at the office.

7 Quick Tips for a Tidy Bedroom

Now that you know how much of a difference an orderly bedroom can make to your health, happiness, and even productivity, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to keep your room neat and tidy.

1. Institute a Storage Purge

If your bedroom has become a temporary storage facility, stacked high with boxes and cartons, it’s time to put a stop to your pack-rat syndrome, in favor of creating a peaceful sleep sanctuary. Set aside a day or two for going through all of that spare stuff and finding a new place for it all. You might even want to consider donating what you no longer need or hosting a garage sale to make a little extra dough as you declutter your bedroom.

2. Make Good Use Your Space

Running low on places to keep the stuff you just can’t bare to part with? Get creative with your storage system by looking into space-saving options. You can find some great options for storing items neatly under the bed or in the closet, keeping your bedroom clutter-free, without giving up the stuff you just can’t seem to let go, such as zippered bags or stackable Tupperware containers.

3. Eliminate Clutter From Surfaces

One of the habits people with a clean home swear by is taking the time to dust and vacuum once a week. Making sure your bedside table and dresser are free from the clutter that seems to gather there is a great way to keep your room looking tidier and making it easier to keep clean. Plus, all of those trinkets, lotion bottles, books and magazines, and everything else you keep by the bed are magnets for dust mites, so keeping the area by your bed free from clutter is also an awesome way to keep allergy attacks at bay.

4. Make Your Bed Every Day

Want to make your bedroom look neater almost instantaneously? If you can spare two minutes to make your bed, you can give yourself a super-simple way to keep your bedroom looking organized, plus you’ll get your day off to an awesome start. You don’t have to go all-out and make the bed like a hotel maid would! Just take an extra minute or two after you’ve finished getting ready to pull the covers up, smooth out the comforter, and stack the pillows neatly. You’ll be amazed by how much nicer your room will look with this simple 2-minute trick!

5. Keep the Floor Clear

Whether it’s dirty clothes or tossed aside books, few things will make your bedroom look messier or more chaotic than a bunch of stuff strewn all over the floor. Simply tossing your clothes into a hamper at the end of the day, instead of letting them fall wherever they may is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your room looking neat and tidy.

6. Put Shoes in Their Place

And the same goes for your shoes, especially if you’re spending a bunch of time looking for them before you head out the door each morning. Instead of just kicking them off when you get undressed, consider investing in a top-selling shoe organizer, and placing it in the closet or some other little nook in your bedroom to keep things looking nice and orderly.

7. Place Laundry Where It Belongs

Let’s face it, leaving clothes that have been washed and folded strewn all over your bedroom is almost as bad as dirty clothes on the floor! Just taking that little bit of extra time to put your clean laundry away in the closet or dresser can go a long way to making your room look like the sleep sanctuary you need and deserve.

6 Quick Tips for a Clean Bedroom

You might be thinking that having a room that’s neat and orderly is all you need to worry about. But if you’re dealing with allergy attacks or want to ward off the common cold (and other icky stuff), you also need to keep your bedroom spik and span. Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for getting (and keeping) a clean bedroom...

1. Make It a Food-Free Zone

Who hasn’t succumbed to the temptation to curl up in bed with a bowl of ice cream and an episode or two of the latest Netflix original series? But the problem with eating in bed is that no matter how hard you try, there’s always going to be a mess left behind. We’re talking about crumbs in the sheets and dirty bowls on the bedside table here, folks. You know who loves it when you eat in bed? Ants, roaches, and other uninvited insect guests that are all about cashing in on your late-night bedtime snacking leftovers. Yikes! If you want to keep your bedroom clean and bug-free, your best bet is to keep food of all kinds out of your bed and in other areas of the house, like the dining or living room, where they belong.

2. Wash Your Sheets Weekly

Getting the optimal set of bed sheets is a next to impossible task, isn’t it? You want them to keep you warm (but not too warm) and you want them to be soft (but also durable). Once you find the sheets that are perfect for you and your sleep needs, your best bet is to take good care of them, so they’ll last you a long while, and keep you from having to go through the whole process again. To keep your sheets clean and fresh, you should wash them once a week, making sure to follow the instructions on the attached care tag to keep them in the best possible shape.

3. Run the Vacuum on the Reg

If you have a carpeted bedroom, you should be running the vacuum in there at least once a week, especially if you have pets, if you want to keep your room free from dust, dirt, and mold. Vacuum your bedroom from the inside out to prevent tracking over the areas you’ve just cleaned, and be sure to vacuum under the bed and other furniture at least once a month, in order to catch any allergens or dirt that have collected underneath.

4. Protect Your Bedtime Investment

Investing in a comfortable and supportive mattress is one of the best things that you can do for your health and happiness. And once you’ve found the right mattress for you, the next best step for keeping your bedroom a clean sleep haven is to cover it with a high-quality mattress protector, to keep it free from bacteria, stains, dead skin cells, and dust mites.

5. Keep the Air Fresh and Clear

To get the best night’s sleep possible, you need to pay attention to the air quality in your bedroom, and that means focusing on keeping it free from dust and other allergens. Be sure that you have your AC system’s ducts cleaned at least once a year, and that you’re changing the filter as often as recommended by the manufacturer. You might also want to look into investing in a good humidifier to keep the air moist and fresh smelling, especially if you suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies, or hate that “stuffy smell” that rooms can get over time.

6. Don’t Forget About the Pillows

Finding the perfect pillow for you can be quite the challenge. Once you’ve got it, you need to take care of it by washing it regularly and making sure that it’s free from dust mites and other icky things like shed skin cells. Washing and drying your pillow should be done at least once a month, and you should be careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care, if you want to keep it as nice as the day you bought it.

More Ways to Create an Organized Bedroom Haven

By now, you’ve got a pretty good idea of how beneficial a clean and tidy bedroom can be to your sleep, as well as getting your day off to the right start. Still want to know more about how to craft the perfect bedroom oasis? Check out the following related articles... 11 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Sanctuary How to Find the Best Pillows and Bedding For You 5 Tips on How to Clean and Care for Your Mattress
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