Are You Missing Something Important in the Bedroom?

Are You Missing Something Important in the Bedroom?

Chronic back pain is not only one of the most difficult medical conditions to treat, it’s also one of the most common. Each year, aching backs send more people to the doctor than the latest strand of the flu, making it an ailment that is just as frustrating as it is agonizing. Waking up to a painful back can also be a key sign that you aren’t getting everything that you need in the bedroom. We’re talking about missing out on restful sleep thanks to a mattress that isn’t supportive and comfortable enough to help you cash in on the healing benefits of slumber. Making sure to have a sleep surface that offers you the firm foundation and the perfect level of comfort is crucial in ensuring that you wake up ready to take on your day and not cursing in pain. So how do you choose the best mattress for you and your back?

It’s all about that support…

Many of the traditional innerspring mattresses on the market don’t offer the solid support that your back needs to stay in tip-top shape. So what should you be looking for on your quest for the best night of sleep possible? A supportive mattress is one that maintains a surface that is equally level for both the heavier (torso and hips) and lighter (feet, hands, and head) of your body. While a super soft mattress might start off giving you the support that you need to keep chronic back pain away, it almost always fails to maintain it as time goes on, and it begins to get the dreaded sinking sensation known as mattress sagging. Not good for any of your parts, but especially for the workhorse that is your back.

But don’t forget about comfort!

Firm spine and joint support isn’t the only thing that deserves consideration when you’re deciding which mattress is the best one for you. Comfort is also a serious concern, both for your ability to fall (and stay!) asleep, but also when it comes to your sleep surface molding to the unique landscape of your body. A mattress that is both comfortable and supportive will cradle the heavier and lighter parts of your body equally, which allows for the relief of pain on your body’s pressure points, joints, and spine. The bottom line? It helps protect your back from falling into the trap of chronic pain, thanks to conforming to your shape and allowing your muscles to relax, reducing tossing and turning, and improving blood circulation.

Have you and your mattress lost that loving feeling?

If you’re starting to realize that you and your current mattress are no longer on good terms, it might be the perfect time to invest in better sleep and a healthy back with a new one. But how do you decide which type of mattress you should go for? Well, you can head out to your local shopping center and spend hours laying on showroom models and talking to salesmen that would rather be anywhere than answering your questions. Or you can check out our free Mattress Buying Guide, which helps walk you through picking the right kind of bed for you. And if you’re starting to sweat as you think about the cost of a new mattress, sit back and take a couple of deep breaths. There’s no need to panic, we promise! Online premium memory foam mattress companies like Lull have made buying a new bed cheaper and easier than ever before. You might want to think of the cost of a new mattress like this – if you decide to invest in a better night of sleep with the purchase of a mattress from Lull (which is guaranteed to last you for 10 years of amazing sleep), you’re spending right around $.20 per night for the next decade to wake up pain-free and ready to tackle your day. With a killer ROI like that, we’re gonna bet that your back is feeling better already!
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