The Real Reason for All of Those Memorial Day Mattress Sales

The Real Reason for All of Those Memorial Day Mattress Sales

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Why Are There So Many Mattress Sales on Memorial Day (and How Do You Get the Best Deal)?

Memorial Day is commemorated every year on the last Monday of May, and it gives Americans the chance to remember and honor the men and women who have given their lives in service to our country. First known as Decoration Day, this national holiday was officially recognized by the U.S. government in 1971, but it actually began being unofficially observed in the years after the devastating losses of life that occurred during the Civil War. While many of us will be celebrating Memorial Day with family BBQs, patriotic parades, or visiting military memorial sites or cemeteries, this American holiday, like quite a few others, has become quite well-known as a time to cash in on great deals at tons of retailers around the country. But why?

Why Memorial Day Mattress Sales Exist

You’ve probably noticed that TV and newspaper ads have begun to circulate about how to find the best Memorial Day mattress sales, and you might be asking yourself what a holiday that is focused on honoring fallen soldiers has to do with getting an awesome deal on a new mattress. Good question! To put it simply, American merchants long ago discovered the link between national holidays and increased sales. And Memorial Day poses an even better opportunity for stores to profit, thanks to the fact that retail stores are open, even though almost everyone has the day off, which equals tons of sales on offer, both in-store and online. With over 50% of consumers planning to shop on Memorial Day (and all of them expecting to see at least some type of sale), you can see how it makes perfect sense for stores to offer big savings to those that are going to be spending at least some of their weekend on the prowl for a clearance. And with long holiday weekends like President’s Day, Labor Day, and of course, Memorial Day historically offering deep discounts on big-ticket items like mattresses, you can expect to see some pretty serious price cuts on one of the most important shopping choices that you’ll make all year. Sweet, right? Buying a mattress can be expensive, with most traditional mattresses ranging anywhere from $800 to $2000, making it something that you should definitely not purchase on an impulse. When you have a three-day weekend to think things over and find the perfect mattress for you, it might start to make much more sense as to why Memorial Day mattress sales can be a very good thing for smart shoppers just like you.

Where School Ends and Sunny Fun Begins

And let’s not forget about the fact that Memorial Day has long been seen as the unofficial start to the summer season, which means that school is out and so is the sun, giving us a great reason to get out and enjoy ourselves over the long weekend. Many of us will be out celebrating the holiday with our children by taking part in parades or fireworks displays, taking a trip to visit family, or even creating patriotic crafts, meaning that we might need a vacation from our vacation, and what better way to do that than spend some time relaxing in bed? When you’ve had your fill of sunny fun, you can treat yourself to a little “staycation” by turning your bedroom into a cool and refreshing sanctuary and enjoying the upgraded memory foam mattress that you carefully picked out over the long Memorial Day weekend. Bonus! Summer is also seen as a choice time to make the move to a new home, with real estate studies showing that most Americans choose to move between May and September, thanks to warm weather making lugging boxes and furniture much easier than when it’s bitter cold outside. Summer is also the season for college graduates moving to start internships and newlyweds moving into a new home after their wedding. Making a move can be trying, especially when you have to decide what should stay and what should go, and that has never been truer than when it comes to mattresses. Having to lug one of those heavy innerspring mattresses to your new home can be a serious undertaking, giving American consumers just one more reason to consider cashing in on one of the great Memorial Day mattress sales.

Summer and the Dreaded "Sleep Slide"

You've most likely heard of the "summer slide,” or the tendency for kids to fall a bit behind in their learning skills during the summer months, in the academic world. But did you know that the summer sleep slide is also a problem (and not just for kids)? Without the structured schedule of the school year, many of us have a tendency to stay up later at night, but not sleep in on a consistent enough basis to make up for the late nights, creating an almost constant sleep debt that negatively impacts our health and even our moods. None of that sounds like a very good way to spend the summer and it’s definitely not the best way to get the high-quality sleep that we all need to stay happy and healthy. So what can you do to make sure that your family avoids the summer sleep slide? Other than making sure to take advantage of the Memorial Day mattress sales over the long weekend, you can also take the time to master some of the sleep hacks that have been proven to boost your ability to get an awesome night of rest, including setting and sticking to a bedtime routine, keeping your bedroom at a consistently cool temperature at night, and taking the time to wind down at the end of the day to make sure that you’re ready for bed (and that your mind and body know it!).

How to Get Best Deal on Better Sleep

You may not think about it most of the time, but your mattress is actually a huge part of your life, and it plays a very important role in keeping you performing at your peak. So when it comes to making sure that your bed investment is a sound one, you need to make sure that you consider every aspect of the mattress shopping experience. Cost: Buying a new mattress at one of the big-box stores can certainly be a tempting way to go, especially when you’re being drawn in by Memorial Day deals, no matter how much you dread the thought of spending your weekend wandering around aimlessly through aisle after crowded aisle and being hounded by salesmen. But the truth of the matter is that you can easily get screwed by mattress retailers if you don’t know what to look for and don’t stay firm with your budgeted spending amount – upselling and talking you into more than you need is what sales guys do, after all, and they’re masters of the hard sell. Comfort: Multiple studies have shown that memory foam mattresses work miracles on back pain but there’s more to it than just relief from physical discomfort – sleeping on memory foam has been proven to provide a better body fit, temperature regulation, decreased allergy attacks, and fewer sleep disturbances than traditional inner spring mattresses. When it comes time to choose what type of sleep surface you’re going to entrust yourself to for the next decade or so, why not go with the one that was crafted in the United States using NASA engineering? Convenience: We don’t know about you, but we’re going to be spending our Memorial Day Weekend the way it was intended to be spent – honoring those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to be free, enjoying time with our families, and celebrating the start of the summer season. But that doesn’t mean that we want you to miss out on the benefits of having a brand-new mattress! When you choose an online mattress company like Lull, you get to enjoy the convenience of getting to shop for your new bed while in bed, and that means not having to give up your relaxing weekend in exchange for the best Memorial Day mattress deal that you can find.

Happy Memorial Day everyone – and a big thank you to our military members and their families!