Score 5-Star Sleep with a Bedroom Inspired by Luxury Hotels

Score 5-Star Sleep with a Bedroom Inspired by Luxury Hotels

Have you ever noticed that you seem to sleep better when you're on vacation and wondered why? We’re here to let you in on the secret – it has more to do with your sleeping environment than it does with taking a break from the 9-to-5 rat race. Luxury hotels from around the world know the key to getting (and keeping!) guests. It’s not just a matter of giving them the comforts of home, but going above and beyond by creating a sleep oasis in every room. If you want to sleep like a baby 365 days a year, and not just when you’re living the good life on break from work or school, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to turn your own boudoir into a 5-star hotel room! Keep reading to learn our top 15 hints for giving your room the feel of a luxury hotel…

Luxury Hotel Secrets to Success

Top resorts rely on smart strategies make sure guests are getting an amazing night’s rest in their rooms. They’ve discovered the optimal formula to ensuring their customers are happy and come back to stay with them, time and time again. So, what are their secrets to success?

Keep It Cozy and Inviting

High-quality hotels tend to keep things simple but visually appealing in their rooms, which includes a definite absence of clutter, and defined spaces for sleeping, bathing, eating, and relaxing.

Calming Colors and Lighting

You’ll notice that most premium hotel chains use cool colors like pale blue or green in their rooms to create a soothing environment that makes for a tranquil spot that’s geared toward rest and relaxation.

Take the Natural Route

To create a sleep-friendly and calming effect, many luxury hotels incorporate nature scenes in their room decorations, such as a peaceful seaside landscape, photos of tranquil forests, or paintings of mountain scapes.

15 Tips for a 5-Star Hotel Bedroom Makeover

So, now that you know some of the ways the best hotels provide a restful sleeping space for their guests, you’re probably wondering how you can do the same thing at home, and sleep better than ever before, right? Well, good news! We’ve gathered up some of the top budget-friendly tips for you to be able to follow their lead, without breaking the bank...

1. Give Your Linens a Refresher

You can get the same comfy, pristine bedding that you’d find in a hotel at home, with just a few quick steps. Try replacing your current sheets with some that are made from a top-quality cotton percale and make sure that they’re freshly laundered before placing them on your bed. Then top it all of with a DIY linen spray made from lavender, rose, or other relaxation-inducing scents, which you can make at home by combining a few capfuls of vodka and about 20 drops of essential oil in a pint-sized spray bottle of distilled water.

2. Splurge on Superior Scents

And speaking of scents that encourage relaxation, if you enjoy burning candles in your bedroom, you should be sure to invest in the higher quality options that will last longer and spread the fragrance further. Skip the generic pillar candles you can find in home goods stores and head for the cosmetics counter at the mall, where you’ll find the higher quality designer votives. As for the best scents for sleep, you should go for fig, cedar, citrus, or sandalwood.

3. Learn the Secret of Triple Sheeting

Triple sheeting is a trick that the fanciest of hotels use to keep their bed linens looking and feeling extra crisp and clean. Start with your new premium sheets, put the fitted sheet in place, and then before tucking in the flat sheet on top, add a thin blanket in between the two to create the five-star bedding treatment.

4. Bring Out the Beautiful

Because you’re only looking to update your sleeping space and not totally renovate it, your best bet is to accentuate what’s already awesome about your bedroom. Identify the best features – does your room have gorgeous windows, perfect ceiling height, or amazing flooring? Once you’ve pinpointed what’s beautiful about the space, make the unique details stand out and shine by calling attention to them with complementary additions.

5. Go with a Peaceful Palette

If you’re looking to create a relaxing bedroom vibe without making too much effort but you still want a fairly significant change, you might want to think about repainting. You can turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary with new paint in a single weekend and it won’t cost you a fortune. Go with soft shades of blue, cream, or violet to create an escape from the chaos of your day and be sure to tie in the drapery and upholstery to really maximize your results.

6. Focus on the Little Luxuries

To really get the luxurious hotel room feel, you need to feel pampered and cozy, which is achieved just as much by the little things as it is by the bedding and decor. Think about adding such nice touches as plush clothes hangers, a decorative carafe and water glass set, or charming wicker baskets for storage to turn the space into a refreshing respite.

7. Personalize the Lighting

Think about how the last hotel room you stayed in made the best use of lighting fixtures in different areas. There were wall sconces by the bed, overhead lights in the bathroom and living room, and a table lamp on the desk. This works to create “lighting moods” that help the room to serve multiple purposes, and you can have the same benefits at home by choosing the right lighting solutions for each part of your boudoir. Keep the function of the area in mind and then look to add the right light, such as a dimmer for your overhead light, a softer bulb for your bedside lamp, and a brighter lighting option for any working space.

8. Make the Mattress Switch

Most major hotel chains offer their guests a top-notch sleeping experience by providing them with a premium mattress and you can do the same at home by upgrading your sleeping surface. The truth is, you probably need a new mattress but don’t know it, especially if you’re waking up with unexplained aches and pains. With one of the memory foam mattresses that are now much more popular and cost-effective, you’ll get the comfort and support you need to feel as if you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel each night. And who wouldn’t want that, right?

9. Optimize Your Window Treatments

One of the best things about hotel rooms is the way you can sleep at any time of day without being disturbed by outside light. This is thanks to their special method of layering window treatments to keep their rooms nice and dark, whether it’s noon or midnight. You can create this same restful result at home by adding a blackout shade to your windows and then placing a sheer curtain on top for privacy and a soft lighting effect. This will allow you to let light in when you want it and keep it out when you don’t.

10. Aim for Custom Comforts

While even the fanciest of hotels tend to lack personality, due to catering to so many different tastes, you can cash in on the benefit of knowing your bedroom is your own personal space, and add some whimsically custom touches to create your sleep haven. Anything that makes you happy and lightens your mood deserves a spot in your sleep sanctuary, just remember to keep it simple, in order to avoid making the space feel cluttered. Try adding some favorite art pieces or other fun knick knacks to give your bedroom that personalized feeling and make you smile every time you enter.

11. Add Some Flower Power

You just might be surprised how much a fresh flower arrangement or a sleep-friendly houseplant can add something special to your bedroom that will really have you feeling as if you’re sleeping in a 5-star resort. And you don’t have to spring for an expensive bouquet to get this effect. Stick with one type of flower that’s in season to help keep your costs down. Just be sure to pick an option with a lighter scent, like peonies or hyacinth, to avoid an overpowering fragrance that might keep you awake at night.

12. Include Some Fluffiness

Adding a wonderfully fluffy rug to your bedroom floor can go a long way to making you feel as if you’re a pampered hotel guest, right in the comfort of your own home! You can either go for one big rug or sprinkle several smaller rugs throughout the room. Keep in mind that you’ll be standing on your rugs in bare feet, so be sure to go for the softest ones you can find!

13. Follow the Hotel Pillow Formula

Have you ever noticed how much time luxury hotels seem to spend on creating that “just right” feel for the pillows on your bed? There are traditional bed pillows, decorative throw pillows, and larger European pillows to anchor it all together. You can get this same effect at home to help you get the most enjoyment out of your time spent in bed relaxing or catching Z’s by following the hotel pillow formula and paying close attention to the pillows you use. Think about what role each pillow plays and invest in the best one for each. You want to make sure that you’ve got not only nice-looking accent pillows, but also body pillows for lounging, and a high-quality supportive pillow that keeps your spine aligned while you sleep.

14. Create Some Bedside Fancy

Almost every hotel room makes sure to provide you with ample space to store all of your stuff, and this is especially true of their bedside tables, since so many people spend a ton of their time lounging in bed while on vacation. You can recreate this at home by picking up a top-selling nightstand online or when you’re out shopping and then set it up in a way that brings the biggest touch of luxury into your bedroom. Be sure to add all of your favorite things to your bedside table, in the most visually pleasing way possible, by placing fancy lotions or creams neatly on the surface, or keeping a stack of glossy magazines at hand to help make your bedroom seem like a truly special spot.

15. Don’t Forget the Ever-Popular Bathrobe

Who doesn’t love wrapping themselves in one of the luxe bathrobes that most 5-star hotels provide for their guests? You can replicate the same indulgence at home by purchasing one directly from the hotel on your next trip, contacting the last one you stayed at to see if they’ll send you one, or searching for an alternative online to help bring the luxury resort experience into your everyday life.

More Ways to Sleep Like a Baby Each Night

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