What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About Your Relationship?

Did you know that the position that you sleep in not only speaks volumes about your personality but also tells quite a bit about your relationship?

When we sleep, our subconscious mind takes over and the body language that results is a big indicator of our personalities. For example, people that sleep on their side tend to be worriers that are tough on the outside, but big softies on the inside. And those that sleep on their back are usually strong individuals that make great leaders, but are also quite set in their ways.

So what does you and your partner’s sleeping position say about your relationship? According to sleep experts, the following positions are the most popular (and telling) amongst couples.

The Liberty Lovers


Although this position may look like cause for alarm, it’s actually a good thing if you and your partner are sleeping on opposite sides of the bed and facing away from one another.

Relationship experts say that this sleeping style shows that a couple is secure in their partnership, as well as feeling connected to each other. The Liberty Lovers indicates that there is independence and closeness in a relationship. It’s also very popular, with 27% of couples preferring to sleep in this position.

The Back Kissers


With a slight variation on the Liberty Lovers style, this sleep position has partners sleeping apart but touching, with their backs to each other. Another positive sign in the psychology of sleep positions, according to relationship experts this sleeping style is most popular with newer couples that have been together for less than a year, and it shows that the partners are comfortable and at ease with each other.

The Spoon


A traditional and comforting sleep position that is most popular amongst couples that have been together 3 to 5 years, spooning is the preferred sleeping style of a fifth of all couples, and usually indicates that one of the partners feels protective over the other. Providing high levels of physical contact, the Spoon sleeping style also shows that there is quite a bit of nurturing and trust involved in the relationship.

The Unraveling Knot


This is an extremely intimate two-part position, starting with the couple face-to-face and entangled in each other limbs, and then moving to their perspective sides of the bed some time during the night.

A sign of a strong relationship, the Unraveling Knot indicates a good balance between intimacy and independence and allows for the best of both worlds when it comes to sleep and partnership.

The Nuzzle


With one partner resting their head on the other partner’s chest and their legs intertwining, this position is sweet and caring. Calling about feelings of nurturing and safety, relationship experts state the Nuzzle indicates a sense of trust and a deepening connection between partners.

It is often seen at the beginning of relationships but has also been known to be popular when couples are rekindling their partnership after an argument or separation.

What does this all mean for couples?

Experts say that couples should make sure to have a comfortable mattress that doesn’t move around a ton while you’re sleeping (a memory foam mattress tends to work the best), in order to help you find the ideal sleeping position to keep your relationship going strong well into the future.