5 Signs That You Need a New Mattress and Didn’t Even Know It

5 Signs That You Need a New Mattress and Didn’t Even Know It

There may be some things going on in your life that could be your body trying to tell you that it’s time for a new place to get the restful sleep that you need and deserve. Check out these 5 warning signs that your mattress needs to be replaced.

1. You always feel tired

You have been getting yourself to bed at a decent time but you still feel like you haven’t slept at all when you wake up in the morning. If you find yourself feeling tired all of the time, even when you haven’t been experiencing any insomnia, your mattress could be the culprit. A mattress that is past its prime can cause you to toss and turn, leaving you feeling like you’ve been up all night instead of catching some quality sack time.

2. You wake up in pain

If you’re waking up feeling not only unrested but as if you have been in a bar brawl during the night, an uneven mattress could be to blame. The longer that you have and use a mattress, the more normal wear and tear can cause dips and lumps to appear, which can lead to an uneven distribution of your body weight, causing your spine to be thrown out of alignment and compression of your body’s pressure points. All of this means that your body can’t find a way to align itself properly while you sleep and this causes the aches and pains that you are feeling when you wake up.

3. Your relationships are suffering

Nobody likes to fight with the people that they care about. If you find yourself arguing more often with your spouse or even your coworkers, a lack of restful sleep could be to blame. Studies have shown that quality sleep is essential to general well-being and especially to your mood. If your mattress has become so old and uncomfortable that you are not getting the sleep that you need for your body to fully restore itself overnight, it could be to blame for the arguments in your life, as well.

4. Your mattress is older than your second grader

Most sleep Experts recommend replacing innerspring mattresses at least every 8 years. This is because as your mattress ages, the springs begin to come loose and poke up into the surface of the mattress, causing lumps and bumps that are disrupting your sleep. There are also concerns about the mattress sagging due to the added weight of accumulated body oils and even dust mites and other allergens. If you’re not waking up refreshed and you’ve had your mattress for as long as most second grade students have been alive, it might be to blame for your lack of restorative sleep.

5. You sleep better on your couch

Most folks only use their couches for relaxing while watching TV or taking naps, so if you are finding that you feel more refreshed after passing out on your couch during a marathon session of Netflix watching, you might need a new mattress. A couch is not made for sleeping and it doesn’t offer the same supportive sleep surface that a good mattress does. Luxury sleep doesn’t have to mean luxury pricing! If your body has given you any of these signals that it’s time to upgrade to a better mattress, don’t panic and start worrying about your bottom line. Thanks to the premium online mattress company, Lull, you can have a good night’s sleep and a fat wallet. Lull offers a luxury mattress at reasonable prices in every available mattress size so you can focus on sleep, not dollar signs.

Not seeing any of these signs? Here are 5 less obvious signals that your mattress could be robbing you of a great night’s sleep.

We have 5 more stealthy signs to share with you, so you can make sure that your mattress is doing its job in helping you to get the quality sleep that you’ve been craving. Let's be honest – most of us don't think about our bed playing a crucial role in our overall health and happiness. But the reality of the situation is that your mattress is one of your most effective means of warding off tons of health issues, including bouts with the flu or the common cold, obesity, depression, and even heart disease. Health and sleep experts have discovered that we spend about a third of our days in bed, and that means if we're sleeping on a worn-out mattress, it's pretty much guaranteed that we're being robbed of the relaxing, healing sleep that we need to function at our peak each and every day. Your mattress is an essential part of keeping you happy and healthy, which means that you most likely put a lot of thought and effort into choosing the perfect mattress for you. But the truth is that almost all good things must come to an end, and even an amazing mattress eventually succumbs to normal wear and tear, and needs to be replaced. Once you and your mattress have been together for awhile, it will most likely start to send you some signals that it can no longer do the job of supporting your body night after night, and some of them can be so simple and sneaky, you're missing them in the midst of your busy life. So how do you know when it's time to throw in the towel and treat yourself to a sleeping surface upgrade? Check out these 5 MORE surprising signs that you need a new mattress

1. You’ve added a sleeping partner

Changes are one of the inevitabilities of life, and if you want to be happy, you adapt, right? Well, that’s true in the bedroom, as well, and if you’ve recently gotten married or moved in with your partner, you may find that you simply can’t get along with their lumpy innerspring mattress, or maybe the two of you together are too much for a Full or a Queen. Upgrading to a premium memory foam mattress in the right size for you and your sleeping mate can help give you both the support that you need for a good night’s rest.

2. Your allergies are out of control

Most traditional innerspring mattresses can collect quite a few unwelcome guests over the years, such as mildew, mold, and dust mites. These unwanted additions can often trigger allergic reactions – not good for anyone trying to get some much-needed rest! If you find yourself suffering from more allergy symptoms in the morning, your mattress might be to blame, thanks to soaking up tons of allergens over the years. Gross, right? It might be time to upgrade to a memory foam mattress, which is denser than other mattress types, and helps to prevent the accumulation of allergens, and that equals fewer allergy attacks and better sleep!

3. You’re suffering from “Princess and the Pea” syndrome

If you find yourself tossing and turning as you look for the perfect spot when you turn in for the night, most likely it’s time for you to blame the real cause of your inability to get comfortable – your old mattress! Over time, traditional mattresses lose their shape as they gain lumps and bumps, thanks to the loosening of the metal springs at their core. Making the switch to memory foam will help ensure that every spot is the perfect one when you sleep, as it cradles your entire body, and helps to prevent such painful problems as an unaligned spine or pressure points caused by being poked by springs.

4. You’re expecting a bundle of joy

Congrats on entering the exciting world of parenthood! While this is an exciting time in your life, most moms-to-be find that their sleeping needs change pretty drastically, due to the many transformations that their bodies undergo during pregnancy. Sleeping on memory foam when you’re expecting offers some serious benefits, including the ability to sleep comfortably on your side, while also giving you the support that your growing belly needs, thanks to the adaptive but durable nature of memory foam.

5. Something’s just not right

There are going to be times in your life when you try your best to make something work but there’s just no helping it – something is off and you need to try a new approach. Your relationship with your mattress can be like this, even though it was working out for you in the beginning. Maybe you’ve had an abrupt about-face in your life that has made you reevaluate your choice in mattresses, like significant changes in your weight or sustaining an injury on the job. Or maybe you’ve just come to find that your mattress simply isn’t cutting it for you anymore. And that’s okay! It’s all about finding your sleeping “happy place” and getting the best night of rest that you can, after all.

Sweet Dreams for the Frugal and the Green

If you’ve decided that you’ve had more than enough signs and that it truly is time for your mattress to be replaced, why not go ahead and check out one of the premium online mattress companies like Lull, so you can find the new mattress that is just right for you – without wasting time and money at your local mattress retailer? Your weekend (and your bank account) will be much better off for it! And Lull can even help you to figure out what to do with your old mattress too – minus the worries of having any negative impact on the environment or creating a neighborhood eyesore. How sweet is that?
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