Why You Need to be Lulled to Sleep This Christmas

Why You Need to be Lulled to Sleep This Christmas

It’s that time of year again – friends and family are going to start asking you what you want for Christmas. And if you’re anything like most of us, you’ve probably been too busy to even begin coming up with stuff you actually want (or more importantly) need. The thing is, if you don’t come up with a list for the gift givers and Secret Santa’s in your life, you’ll most likely end up with something from an infomercial (Hollywood Purse Hook, anyone?) or the old standbys like another pair of fuzzy slippers or a giant can of assorted popcorn. Ugh! Why not try something different this holiday season, and put something you actually need and want at the top of your list. We’re talking about the gift of a better night’s sleep.

Why Quality Sleep is So Important

Do you find yourself suffering from neck or back pain throughout the day? Are you having trouble staying focused at work? Have you found yourself snapping at coworkers? And what about those last ten pounds that you just can’t seem to lose? Not getting enough (or good enough) sleep can wreak some serious havoc on your life. Poor sleep has been linked to everything from high blood pressure to weight gain. If you find yourself suffering from any of the following, you might be in need of more (and better) sleep:
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Sugar Levels
  • Poor Heart Health
  • Chronic Back or Neck Pain
  • Worsening Mood Swings
  • Difficulty Losing Weight
  • Muddled Thinking
  • Memory Loss
  • Frequent Colds

Better Sleep is All About the Layers

Now that you know how important quality sleep is to your health and well-being, how do you go about getting more of it? Well, it’s all about the right sleep surface, and that means that you need the perfect combination of comfort and support. The Lull premium memory foam mattress gives you the best night’s rest possible, thanks to our unique layering system. We start with a 7" high-density polyurethane core support layer to give you the durable and strong foundation that your body needs in a mattress, while also preventing the dreaded “bed sag” that comes with most traditional innerspring mattresses. Next, we add our 1.5" transition layer, made from a proprietary blend of premium foam that gives you the proper spinal alignment to ward off tossing and turning, and just the right amount of bounce back (without the sinking sensation of most other foam mattresses) to help you feel cradled in comfort all through the night. And finally, we top it all off with a 1.5" thick layer of memory top layer memory foam for temperature control to keep you cool, and the pressure relief you need to help prevent aching joints – so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day, not sore and surly.

Ask Santa to Lull You to Sleep

If you want to be lulled to sleep in premium memory foam comfort and support in the new year, be sure to ask Santa for the gift that will keep on giving (hello, ten-year warranty!). Ask for a Lull mattress this Christmas. Heck, Santa will even see to it that Lull gives you a hundred nights to try out your gift. And they’ll take it back for a full refund (plus free shipping) if you decide that it isn’t the right mattress for you, after all. Of course, if you’d rather go for a glowing toilet seat or a hand fitness trainer, that’s cool too.
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